Military officers met with Khaosod English journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, warned about criticizing the Junta

3 February 2016 Military officers warned Khaosod English journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk on opinion against the National Council for Peace and Order military government on a brief meeting today. Pravit refused to comply, insisted on keeping journalism ethics to criticize the Government.

At 11.00 two military officers made an appointment with Pravit Rojanaphruk, a senior journalist at Khaosod Englisht who had been summoned by an NCPO order, at a coffee shop. They were ordered by the new commanding officer in Bang Kapi, where Pravit’s permanent address is located, to get to know Pravit.

Pravit said that the military officers warned him in a friendly manner to be careful when expressing opinion or criticizing the NCPO on social media.

The senior journalist of Khaosod English was recently contacted by the military officer several times, asking to meet him. The officer explained that he would like to introduce Pravit to the new commander in Bang Kapi area which is where Pravit’s permanent address is located.

image1 (2)

The military officers informed him of the underground groups operating in Bang Kapi that the military is dealing with, and Pravit responded them telling to take care of themselves.

Pravit added that he believed that the military did not plan to arrest him, but it is also possible that he might be arrested and taken in custody at a military camp for the third time. He insisted that he will refuse to comply with any request to cease the criticism on the NCPO, as it is the journalism ethics and main duty to criticize the government.

“I will not run away. I will keep doing my duty as a journalist. For the meeting today, I have informed the UN officer and human rights organizations in Thailand,” Pravit said, “This afternoon I will meet with the permanent secretary of United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office to talk about Thailand’s current situations. I will show disagreement with the current government, and exchange thoughts on the latest draft constitution issued by the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC), with Meechai Ruchupan as chairman.”




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