Military revisits Red Shirt man in Payao, asks to stop criticizing the government


Photo credit to Facebook of Payao Provincial Military Court [จังหวัดทหารบกพะเยา]

18 October 2015 – Military officers from Military Circle 34th of Payao, a northern province, visited Siriwat Jupamadtha, the coordinator of United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), a red shirt group, at his workplace, and asked to stop posting online comments on politics and criticizing the government.

Two plain-cloth military officers came to a condominium where Siriwat works and informed that they were sent by the commander. They asked Siriwat to stop posting political opinions and criticizing the government on Facebook. The reasons given were for peace and order in Payao province, and it’s the commander’s order.

The officers also asked him about his opinions on current situations, especially on Yingluck Shinawatra’s rice scheme trial. They stated that they did not mean to intimidate him, but rather ask for cooperation.

Siriwat asked whether the officers visit other people in Payao, which the officers responded that he is the only one. He felt being watched and pecked at, as other can express their opinions but the officers give particular attention to only him.

After around one hour of conversation with the officers, Siriwat insisted that he has a right to express opinions, and he has done nothing wrong.

Siriwat was an active member of Red Shirt movement in Payao before the coup d’etat, and was a host of a local radio station. He had to stop his activities after the coup. He had been invited to the military camp, visited by officers, and appointed for dinner with them.

(Photo credit to PhayaoMilitaryCourt)



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